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Over a quarter century ago New York gave the world Hip Hop. During that time the music, expression, and beats have evolved impacting and planting lyrical seeds in kids from every nation. Look out, especially to Africa, and you’ll see a hip hop movement fully grown.

K’Naan is one of those artists from the Hip Hop generation. Growing up on the dusty streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, even from an early age he was listening and dropping verses from Nas and Rakim. His is an authentic voice forged by civil war and refugee experiences and strongly influenced by Somali culture and family history.

K’Naan’s music excites me because it offers a different vision beyond himself; it’s socially aware and uniting people under tight beats while raising awareness for those without voices. Very few artists can do this, but K’Naan speaks to me like Jurassic 5, Guru, or even Rage.

He takes Hip Hop and presses the bounds mixing English and Somali; he’s a poet in any language. Catch K’Naan on closing night of the Pan African Festival at the First Ave Main Room.

Monday, August 11
First Avenue Main Room
7 PM (Doors open)
18+ show
$16 advance; $20 at the door
Ticket Info: 612-338-8388 or Ticketmaster

K’Naan – Soobax

K’Naan – Hardcore


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Looking for something to do, here are a couple of opportunities to get out and about:

Andrei Codrescu
Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul
Friday, June 1, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.

Tizi Ouzou – A Love Story
June 1 & 2 at 8:00 p.m.
At Dreamland Arts
677 Hamline Ave N.,
St. Paul, MN 55104
Tel: 651-645-5506

Global Grooves
First Free Saturday
Walker Art – June 2
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Red Hot Art
June 2-3, 2007
Stevens Square Park

Grand Old Day
June 3, 2007
Grand Avenue
St. Paul

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World MusicVoice of America published an intriguing article on the twentieth anniversary of World Music. The category always seemed a bit odd as it was attempting to label something that couldn’t be labeled, namely all the music styles outside of North America and Europe. Yet the label still exists today and has been embraced by a wide variety of groups from the BBC to Barnes and Noble.

Twenty years ago a group of British record company executives got together in London and coined the term “world music” to describe music other than mainstream western pop. They were frustrated by the fact that a growing number of people interested in music “from out there,” as some describe it, could not find it because record stores did not know how to file and categorize it.

The editor of Roots magazine, Ian Anderson, told VOA that World Music was, and still is, no more than a bin in a record shop.

“All it ever was was a way of creating opportunities [that] could be heard by people,” he said. “Nobody ever suggested there was a thing called “World Music.” In fact at the first meeting we tried to find the term that included the most things and excluded the least, so Tropical because that missed out … Ethnic was boring or World Beat because that left out stuff that did not have drums.”

Anderson added none of those responsible for creating the term ever imagined world music would become such accepted currency in most parts of the West. He said artists who otherwise were not given any respect in their own countries are now looked at differently after touring or doing the World Music Festival circuit. And having a World Music section in most record stores has resulted in higher sales.

Read more on World Music at twenty.

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Poem of Wind and TreesThere are a number of events going on this weekend in Minneapolis, these are but a few if you’re looking for things to do:

Latitudes Exhibition from Mizna
Friday, May 25th & Saturday, May 26th at 7:30
The exhibition features both art and performance pieces from area artists who identify as Arab, Muslim, Berber, or Iranian.

Shojo Manga! Girl Power!
Japanese comic works.
May 25 – June 29
MCAD Gallery
2501 Stevens Av. S.
Minneapolis, MN

Eric Alexander Group
Friday, May 25 – Sunday, May 27,
9 pm Friday and Saturday, 8 pm Sunday, $15
The Artists’ Quarter
408 St Peter Street
St.Paul, MN 55102
(651) 292-1359

Highpoint Center for Printmaking
Free reception & meet-the-artist event
Friday May 25, 2007, from 6:30–9:00 PM
Brian Aldrich, Emmy Lingscheit, & Jon Renzella
Read more about the show.

Still in Style: Wax Fashion Museum
Sat May 26
107 3rd Ave N, Mpls.; 612.465.0440
18+. $15| $18 at the door. 9:00 p.m.
Read more.

Lavender Diamond with Entrance
Playing at the Cedar Cultural Center
Sunday, May 27 at 7:30 pm
Tickets – $10 (in advanced) $12 (at the door)

Still Presents Pasts: Korean Americans and the ‘ForgottenWar’
Ongoing free exhibition from Intermedia Arts
Check Intermedia Arts for hours. Ends June 2nd
Still Presents Pasts is a unique traveling art and multi-media exhibit that encourages reflection about the devastation of war for all Americans by exploring the legacies of the Korean War. Still Present Pasts features local Korean American artists and includes a series of educational, outreach, and artistic events.

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Since settling in Minneapolis a few months back and volunteering at the Cedar Cultural Center, I am amazed by the rock and roots scene that exists in the Twin Cities. With a label like Red House Records producing greats ranging from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Jorma Kaukonen to great upcoming bands like The Pines, it’s little wonder that one of the better roots scenes exists here.

Yesterday the Cedar had two great examples from the Twin Cities of classic American guitar – Dakota Dave Hull and Phil Heywood. I saw Phil a few months ago open for John Hammond, and was very impressed. To see him play together with Dave Hull was amazing. Hull’s rag style used on several songs made for a great and unique sound. The friendship the two share was also evident in the laughs and smiles they traded through out the show. It was a fun sight to watch, and made for a great evening of music.

As usual Bryan Aaker captured the moment on film.

Dakota Dave Hull at the Cedar Phil Heywood live at the Cedar

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Your destination…Northeast Minneapolis. Your mission…visit over 400 artists, potters, painters, musicians, glass blowers, and tile makers. And did we mention you only have 18 hours to complete the mission. Which might be the reason they call it Art-A-Whirl.


Art-A-Whirl is an open-studio and gallery tour of Northeast Minneapolis organized by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA). It’s the one big opportunity for you to see the art being produced in the Northeast and it’s free.

Artists of every type including potters, tile makers, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, glass blowers, printmakers, and textile designers open their doors to showcase their art in warehouses, homes, storefronts and cafes.

ART-A-WHIRL 2007 Dates & Times
Friday, May 18th – 5:00 pm -10:00 pm
Saturday, May 19th – 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sunday, May 20th – 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

ART-A-WHIRL 2007 Locations
Below are two maps of NEMAA area created from an original larger map of the entire event area. The first map shows the majority of the Art-A-Whirl area relative to the rest of the Northeast. The second map focuses on the Northeast Arts District. For a complete map, please visit the NEMAA website.

ART-A-WHIRL 2007 Events
Visit the NEMAA website for a sampling of the various Art-A-Whirl events. You can also pick up an Art-A-Whirl directory for a listing of the 400 artists hat will have their studios open to the public. Art-A-Whirl directories are located wherever you find “the Rake” magazine, as well as many coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and the Minneapolis Convention Center. They will also be available at our Welcome Booths during festival, which are located at 13th and Marshall or the RSP Parking lot at Marshall and Broadway NE.
Northeast Area Map showing Art-A-Whirl Festival locations Northeast Arts District Map
Other ART-A-WHIRL 2007 Resources
Listing of the NEMAA Buildings
Area Restaurants

Northrup King Building

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Electronic Eyes is a two-week event focusing on collaboration featuring cutting-edge music with new electronic media. The festival, which began last week, is being held at the Southern Theater at 1420 Washington Ave, South. in Minneapolis. Tickets are $15 (1 show) and $27 (2 shows). The schedule taken from the pages of the Southern Theater’s website is listed below.

Thursday & Friday, May 17 & 18
VJ Neverwas
Cinemix and Tangoslave

VJ Neverwas (a.k.a. Christopher Cunningham) has assembled an ingenious two-part program of live, electronically mixed music combined with adrenaline inducing film cuts and clips. In Cinemix, frenetic mambo becomes cubist/butoh dream-theater, while every car chase in cinematic history implodes into one perpetual swirl of color, action and sound. Tangoslave merges the live instrumental performance of composer Astor Piazzola’s most emotional music with a live video remix of classic Argentine tango films and present day Buenos Aires streetlife via spycam. Featuring cello duo Jelloslave, along with pianist Justine Sasanfar, DJ/LIVE mixer James Patrick and a host of other musicians, VJs and audio mix specialists.

J. Anthony Allen

“J. Anthony Allen’s sound installations are like an aural hallucinogen.” – Chris Roberts, Minnesota Public Radio

A prolific composer of electronic music, J. Anthony Allen’s arrangements show how electronic music and video can be performed in an expressive way, using interactive media to create a synergy of tradition and progression. His latest creation is a fast-paced work that utilizes new and dramatic electro-acoustic instruments (like “sound gloves” wired with computer sensors) in harmony with a live string quartet, to produce an exhilarating multi-media performance.

Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20
Electropolis, Anne Elias and Xelias Aerialists
Between the Head and the Hands

A Transformation of Metropolis

Electropolis’ astonishing surround-soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s 1927 futuristic silent masterpiece Metropolis serves only as the starting point for this must-see sensual feast. It’s a cross section of musical genres and artistic disciplines–experimental jazz/electronica, classical, free improvisation, hip hop, sculpture, dance, aerialists and Anne Elias’ videography–woven together for a happening that is beyond what each could achieve alone. With guests Jelloslave, Bill Mike, Desdemona and Diana Grasselli.

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