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Chicago Afrobeat ProjectAfrobeat music does not stand still. Like their funky African forefathers, the Chicago Afrobeat Project (CAbP) will keep the crowds moving.

The band mixes polyrhythmic, infectious grooves with political awareness and even hints of hip hop with their horns. The group will be strutting their stuff at the Cedar Cultural Center on Friday, October 5th at 8:00 pm in Minneapolis.

At each performance, the percussion and sharp horn lines of CAbP stir up energetic momentum, sweeping listeners directly to the dance floor time and time again. They’ll also be celebrating the release of their new album (A) Move to Silent Unrest. Tickets are $12 in advanced and $15 the day of the show.

You can check out their sounds at MySpace or from their extensive collection of audio files listed at their website.

Listen to Free CAbP MP3s

Chicago Afrobeat Project

Zambi – An alternate album mix with uncensored vocals from Poetree Chicago.
West Ganji – From the band’s Nov. 12th, 2005 CD Release Party at Martyrs Live in Chicago.


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K’naanI have covered Somali rapper, K’naan, on multiple occasions. The brilliance of his lyrics, his freestyle capability, and his serving as a voice for the voiceless in Somalia, always keep me coming back for more. To find more on K’naan:

• Check out his Myspace site and listen to his freestyle piece with Mos Def or Blues 4 the Horn

• Check out K’naan’s latest video “Kicked and Pushed”
• Read his article “Talking back To The Empire” published in NOW Magazine, a Toronto-based publication
• View other videos on his website
• Listen to an interview with K’naan on CBC Radio

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K’naan, the dusty foot philosopher as he’s nicknamed, was originally born in Somalia and fled to North America with family at the age of thirteen. He lived in New York City and now resides in Toronto, and has a great story to tell through his lyrics. I mentioned him earlier in talking about the emergence of hip-hop worldwide, especially in eastern Africa.

“An elegant ambassador of peace, K’naan rhymes against violence because he has never forgotten the good fortune he had to escape death in his home country. From a personal and cultural history rooted in poetry (his grandfather is one of Somalia’s most famous poets), K’naan is widening the global hip-hop perspective.”

Calabash Music talked about K’naan earlier this week and are offering two free tracks from his newest album. Calabash is a unique music site offering free music from international musicians on a weekly basis.

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With the music from yesterday’s concert at First Avenue still in my head, I searched online and found several free Antibalas MP3s and streaming sites.

SXSW Performance – Minnesota Public Radio
Contains around 30 minutes of performance from this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin.

Beaten Metal (Read Free MP3)
The first track from their latest album, Security, along with a review.

Antibalas Security Album Cover

Live performances from Antibalas and other Afrobeat bands from SoundRoots including Antibalas’ performance at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2003. There are a few broken links on the posting.

CNET’s Music Download Site offers free two songs for download – I.C.E. and Obanla’e.

During the concert, Antibalas gave everyone a chance to relax and be amazed with the song I.C.E. from the Security album. After the great chaos and energy displayed during their earlier numbers, the tightness and control on this song was great to see live.

Finally, Ropeadope has a great page detailing Antibalas’ history.

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